Meeting traders in Chicago next week because you ALWAYS trade with stops

This was a bittersweet week for traders on the Street. The sweet? We saw one of our top traders post three 200k days.  In one week, he made nearly as much as his best month ever.  His goal of making 8-figures in a year became more of a reality. Our options desk struggled.  They shorted volatility and got stopped out.  … Read More

First comes… comes…..then comes……for the developing trader

Getting your priorities correct really helps shape the trading day for optimal progress. One trader with, with whom we are working, is coming along nicely.  Firm is happy with his progress.  Our sense is he has a real chance to become good. Our job is to help him set priorities.  Is that to make money?  Or is that something else? … Read More

Trading lessons from Happy Hour

We held a traders Happy Hour last night for our proprietary trading firm. Some of the new hires having a blast asked how often we hold Happy Hours.  And I thought, “What we don’t cover this during recruiting?”  Note to HR. Rooming the room to check in on everyone a few trading lessons emerged: Traders were gathering and discussing new … Read More

Proprietary Trading (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn what a proprietary trading firm does. In this interview with David Rabello and Mike Bellafiore, you will learn: What risks prop firms take on How the prop model works The relationship between the trader and firm We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. – SMBU Team * no relevant positions Please … Read More

Give V a Chance

As intraday traders we can be hypersensitive to every tick in our stocks, sometimes to a fault.  Been there.  Totally understand.  I am with you.  Today in V if you did not give it a chance to run then this was a spot on example.  Today was a day to give V a chance. I traded V in the afterhours … Read More