Must I time my trades properly?

Mike, I just joined SMBU and I’m half-way though all the lectures and I like it a lot. Bluntly,  I’m a piker.  I’ve failed numerous attempts at trading and blown through a lot of money…. I’m trying to apply your best set up/idea concept to his strategy>  the best example can be the BABA trade on 5/25/16.  SEC investigation into … Read More

Be Careful What You Wish For

Whenever I’m considering working with someone, I always ask a series of questions. One of the questions I ask is “Why are you trading?” I bet it wouldn’t shock you to find out the number one answer is “I want to make more money!” which is the wrong reason by the way but I accept it and continue on. My … Read More

Less is More

As I sit here looking at the 400 emails I’ve gotten this morning, I’m reminded of the massive amount of information we need to sift through on a daily basis and how all that information affects our journey as traders. I grew up with the belief that” knowing everything I could know” about a subject was a good thing. After … Read More

How Memory Affects Your Trading

The emotions we feel and the actions we take are largely dependent on how we remember things.  This is because we use our memories to learn.  We might think something like “I remember the last time this happened. I did that and got a favorable result, therefore I will do that again.” The challenge however, is that our memories aren’t … Read More

Training for Trading Success

Think back to the last time you experienced the opportunity to watch a world class performer, someone who really put on an amazing show. It doesn’t matter whether it was a musician, a sports athlete, an actress, a doctor or a business owner. When you see one of these performers in action, you can’t help but admire their skills. It … Read More

Harness the Power of Your Emotions

As humans we make decisions based on emotions. Of course we sometimes use logic change our decisions but our initial decision, and the one we are most likely to act upon, is always based on emotion. This is because our emotions are much more powerful and react much more quickly than our logic. Therefore, our emotions quickly send us down … Read More

The Power of Focus

Most traders have no idea of the amount of progress they can make when they focus all their resources on mastering a single style of trading. Controlled focus is like a laser bean that can cut through the biggest challenges that have been blocking the path to your success. When you focus consistently on the improvement of any one trading … Read More

Properly Setting Your Trading Goals to Lower Stress

As traders we often set some sort of performance “goals”. We might say something like “My goal is to make $5000 per month trading”. There are problems with that goal, the biggest problem being that we don’t actually have control over how much money we make in any given trade. We might have a lot of influence on how much … Read More