An age-old trading problem to solve

There is a trading problem traders sought to solve when I started trading. (We don’t have to mention when that was if that is okay with you). There is a trading problem new traders needed to solve when we started our firm in 2005. There is a trading problem some new traders on our desk need to solve today. In … Read More

Timeless Advice for New Traders…Scalp!

My timeless trading advice for new traders is….scalp.  Okay, let me explain why. What I heard too often  During a recent team monthly trader meeting, I heard too often something that I wasn’t crazy about.  I was particularly not so thrilled hearing it from the younger traders.  While I wasn’t so thrilled, this did offer an opportunity to set expectations … Read More

5 Keys to Make More Money in Your Profitable Trades

Have you ever made a good trade and regretted you did not make more?  And after giving this more thought you concluded that if you could just make more in your best trades you could do SO much better as a trader.  And I mean a lot better.  In fact, this one issue, might be the thing holding you back … Read More

4 Simple Solutions So You Do Not Miss Your A+ Trades

Do you ever feel like if I you could just take my best trades, we say A+ trades, my results would be a lot better?  I am talking a lot better.  You are probably right.  Let me share a recent anecdote about this from the desk and offer 4 simple solutions. A few traders on the desk had been missing … Read More

Thank you Covid!

I got Covid for the first time this week.  Many on the desk didn’t miss their opportunity to tease me about being the last person on earth to get it.  My son got it as well.  That meant a trip to our house on the Jersey Shore to isolate from mom, his sister, and others.  So it was just the … Read More

The decisions you make about your trading business matter

The decisions you make about your trading business matter. To this point, I received the note below from a 7-figure trader on our desk.  He was a 7-figure trader by his second year of trading.  Not easy to do.  Not often you see that.  This is a very talented trader and person.  Even for him his decisions about his trading … Read More

Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight tunnel (Show Notes)

@TheOneLanceB zooms while interviewed by @Bthestory87 in the video: Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight Tunnel.   @TheOneLanceB focuses on the connection between sleep and trading performance to help you potentially grow your trading account. One viewer of the video commented: Thank you for these interviews! Lance drops so many gems, he is someone I look up to in … Read More

What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? (Show Notes)

@TheOneLanceB joins @FuturesTrader71 and Anthony Crudele, Host of Futures Radio Show, for a deep discussion on a topic important to many new and developing traders and even experienced traders: What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? Below are the Show Notes from this discussion, compiled by SMB for the trading community. Here is what one viewer said about this video: … Read More