College Trading Program Deadline Approaching

We hope all our student readers had a great spring semester and can take a little time off to enjoy with family and friends. For those still looking for a unique opportunity to break into the world of proprietary trading….. keep reading. This summer, we are hosting two sessions that last 5 weeks each from our New York City trading … Read More

College Students Training Program Info Session

Do you really want that boring desk job, pushing papers all day long, doing cold calling and taking orders from other people? Didn’t think so. So why not consider the life of a trader? If you’ve thought about it but don’t know what to do or where to begin, we’ve got an exciting opportunity coming up that you won’t want … Read More

What is Your Idea of Back Testing? Part II

Yesterday we looked at some examples of how a trader could use a handful of recent examples to make trading decisions. The hypothetical scenario played out quite terribly. Although fictional, it’s a thought process that I see happen each day by traders around the world. Here is an alternative way to consider strategy and statistical trading when trading something like … Read More

A World Class Training Program

Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed started an important conversation about the ideal training program for traders. As the partner of a trading firm founded on the principle of offering the best intraday equities training program on the street, we would like to contribute to this conversation. My thoughts are meant to supplement what Dr. Steenbarger has already shared so some things … Read More