Working hard may be getting in the way of your trading success

You say: I want to be a professional trader.  I need to work as hard as I can to accomplish that goal.  I will outwork everyone at my firm or in my trading community. There is a problem here.  Catch it? To accomplish your goal working as hard as you can will not help you accomplish your goals.  That will … Read More

Traders4ACause charity event

SMB Capital is a sponsor for Traders4ACause charity event this weekend in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Nathan Michaud, @InvestorsLive, for organizing this exciting charity event. Just look who will be presenting: Noted trading psychologist, Dr. Steenbarger Market Wizards author, Jack Schwager James Dalton, the godfather of market profile Peter Brandt, veteran commodities trader Here is the full list of speakers for … Read More

Is Passion Enough?

First of all, I would like to thank all of you at SMB for the work you do and the content you provide. I have not found a better source out there for actionable, instructive lessons on trading, and God knows I have searched through a lot of content on the internet the past couple of years. I first learned about … Read More

Readers Share: Are You Ready to Trade Professionally?

Reader Mike sent me this email: Bella, I know you will never remember me but you interviewed me about four years ago. During that interview you told me I was not ready to be a trader both financially and psychologically. I remember leaving that interview calling you many many not so nice things saying that I will show you. Since … Read More