The trading exit is not what you want but rather what it should be

A trader read yesterday’s post Expectations poison good trading and remarked: I would like to focus on this savvy reader’s observation: “I’ve sometimes used the standard of what I WANT the market to do. (how ridiculous is that!)” Well…. from my seat it is not too ridiculous at all.  I have been guilty of this.  I have seen profitable traders … Read More

Traders Ask: Should I Develop Price Targets?

Hi Mike, I just started the DNA Program. I’m very excited! I hope it can help me with my trading. I’ve been working hard. I’ve kept a trading and emotional journal, I’ve been doing my playbook, with so far nine plays. And I’ve been disciplined and focused with the selection of the stocks in play and the research on them, and … Read More

Trades of the Month from the Prop Desk Webinar

I will be speaking about “Trades of the Month from the Prop Desk” today at 4:30 pm ET. I will be discussing the following topics:    The Trading Patterns working in 2014    What key market levels we are watching on the prop desk    Trading Patterns broken down in a template that you can co-opt for your trading   … Read More