Order Flow for Validation

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Paper Trading: Does it Help or Hurt?

When it comes to paper trading, there seems to be two strongly opinionated sides to its purpose in helping traders learn how to trade. There are the opponents and this group usually includes brokers (I wonder why). Their argument goes something like this: Paper trading is something you want to do for maybe a week or so in order to … Read More

Who Are You Competing With?

Before I get into why it is important to understand your competition in the forex market, I want to mention that you can learn a lot about the methodology that we teach our forex and futures traders here at SMB.  Visit and subscribe to my Youtube page where you can watch new videos each week related to our trading and … Read More

Why is Order Flow Important?

When it comes to order flow, many newer traders tend to think of volume bars or time and sales information.  It is much more than that, and it really helps to understand the premise behind how markets facilitate order flow.  It may not give you an immediate strategy to make money with, but what it does is provides an added … Read More

A Scalp Trade on JBL

This is a post from our traders TO about a scalp trade he made on JBL from yesterday: My trading desk neighbor SW and I were both trading JBL today, with 19 as the key level of interest. Without knowing it, I took the opposite direction of his trade at the Open for a quick momentum scalp. SW got long … Read More

Traders Ask: Fake Order Flow?

Dear Bella, Thanks for writing your book as I’ve found it immensely useful! Regarding order flow, I’ve heard people saying that institutions and big traders place large buy orders hoping other traders bid in front of those orders. The institution will then sell those bids. In many ways it’s a game of cat-and-mouse that often goes unnoticed by new traders. … Read More

HGSI – Reading The Order Flow

On Monday I was flipping through my list of earnings stocks trying to find what to trade on the open. While scanning through my overnight winners/losers I came across this stock. I noticed it was up $6 and change in premarket on some dopey news about a phase III on their drug. A considerable gap up for a stock that … Read More