Trade Execution

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Hey Mike, I had a quick question with regard to order execution style and what orders you use.  I know that on our keyboard, we have presets for ARCABidTier and ARCAOfferTier that are limit orders and the custom SWEEP keys that are market orders that process 3c through the bid or the offer.  Although I’m working on my keyboarding skills … Read More

The Pro’s Process – Mike Bellafiore

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Richard Chignell from Embrace the Trade on the fourth of his series of posts has been asking Pro Traders about their psychological processes. From Mr. Chignell: The fourth in my series of posts asking Pro Traders about their psychological processes.  Delving a little into how it feels to them when trading.  The good and the bad.  How this has changed … Read More

One Good Trading Day

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I received this Daily Review yesterday from one of our traders.  I highlight in this blog because it represents One Good Trading day.  If you get as much as this trader during each trading day you will grow as a trader.  If you are not improving as much as this trader each trading then you have some work to get … Read More

A 2 Day VWAP Trade (CNC)

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During a daily review an SMB Trader wrote this about his trading in CNC: CNC pulled back to 2 day VWAP and break out area from yesterday.  Waited for break in intraday downtrend to get into this stock.  When it began to hold above .70 I was up to 1,200 shares from .72.  Was waiting for the push through .80 … Read More

Is bad really bad?

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Over the past few years I have noticed some good coming out of what I first thought was all bad.  When I lost my mom there was at first only loss, but then I recognized some good.  When my dad had a stroke it was at first so horrible, but then some good.  When we lost a mess of traders … Read More

Why FB was a long

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I stress for our traders to trade with the trend.  We teach generally that if a stock is in a clear downtrend to follow that trend.  There are exceptions.  FB today was one such exception. After the close I pinged to our traders: Why would it have been correct to get long FB today even though it has been in … Read More