Enhancing Trader Performance: Does Headline News Matter?

Every day we see the financial media outlets attempt to explain the day’s market action, usually with a headline pointing to a particular event or supposed market moving event that details THE reason the market moved in one direction or the other. The headlines often change from open to close depending upon the day’s action, as the market can be up for one reason in … Read More

Market Trades

Steve walks you through his thought process on why and how he makes market trades via ETFs. Identifying good entry points can put you in a position of strength for a an intra-day or swing trade. Enjoy the video! Steve Spencer is currently long SPY, IWM, AAPL, P and short VXX

Trading a Secondary

In this trading lesson Steve discusses trading secondaries. A secondary occurs when company insiders sell shares generally priced below where the stock has recently been trading to entice institutional investors to purchase. $CDW recently sold 15 million shares at a 3.2% discount which set up for a great trade. Enjoy the video! no relevant postions  

Members Options Webinar: Livevol and Casey Platt: Buy the rumor, sell the news: A unique perspective on playing earnings with options.

SMBU’s Options Tribe is an online community of options traders dedicated to sharing successful options trading ideas with all of our members worldwide. Each Tuesday, SMBU hosts an options webinar—the Options Tribe—during which veteran options traders and experts in the world of options trading share live presentations. Next week, Kevin Nichols and Shannon Brandt of Livevol, along with Casey Platt, … Read More

Do you have a news edge?

Last night I had dinner with Ravee Mehta, author of The Emotionally Intelligent Investor and former hedge fund trader at Soros Fund Management, hoping to learn more about getting a real news edge while trading.  On my desk I hear my guys talking about Conviction Trades before the stock confirms their thesis.  I have worked with very experienced discretionary traders who … Read More