I have no idea which is worse the manipulation that I have observed in DNDN the past few years or the way the NASDAQ and SEC handles the manipulation. Last year DNDN was pushed intraday from 24 to 7 and the NASDQ decided to halt. There was no news and no prosecutions. It re-opened after the halt at 25. There … Read More

RMBS Trades Busted

My short chop in RMBS got busted. Dov made the biggest chop on our desk and his profits were eliminated. NASDAQ put out this statement. Tough spot for NASDQ. I am the last person to complain about this stuff. The market is like the Wild West and I have come to accept this. Trade long enough and you will as … Read More

Ten Observations From StockTwits Camp

On Friday I sat on a panel at StockTwits Camp at the NASDAQ MarketSite to discuss Reading the Tape.  I was joined on the panel by @tickerville, @stevenplace and @howardlindzon.  Here are my ten observations from Friday: 1 ) @stevenplace is GINORMOUS. 2 ) @tickerville is so smooth he could replace Brian Williams on NBC at any moment. 3 ) @howardlindzon has … Read More