What is Your Motivation to Be a Trader?

There are different styles of trading for different people. One of the keys to have success in trading is to find out what it signifies for you on a personal level and what you want to obtain of the future and economic benefits. To have a satisfactory and well rounded career, it is necessary to have an incentive that goes … Read More

Everyday you must master your craft (Ray Lewis talks to traders)

Ray Lewis was talking to some football players but could have been talking to a bunch of traders.  Take some time and watch this video.  You are gonna want to get up and tackle someone on your desk afterwards (I advise against this). Some of my favorite parts that are so applicable to trading: 1. “How much time are you … Read More

Do What You Do!

This week Roy Davis, Director of SMB Training, and I headed to the 92nd Street Y to listen to Dan Pink discuss his excellent, well-researched, thought-provoking new book on motivation in the workplace, Drive. Dan challenges our present management model by presenting new evidence why a motivational work environment should offer purpose, mastery, and autonomy (see awesome Dan Pink animated … Read More