Entry Types For Momentum vs Rangebound Plays

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Last Friday we had a great talk, with Brexit fresh off the press, during our weekly Trading Conversations webinar last Friday. As usual, we covered a wide range of things such as using context, how to adjust your trading to handle volatility, and more! Not a bad way to wrap up your trading week with some open trading conversation. One … Read More

GoPro ($GPRO) Momentum IPO Trade

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Mike Bellafiore, author and co-founder of SMB Capital and SMBU.com highlights a Momentum Trade opportunity in the IPO GoPro (stock symbol $GPRO) with our college training class. Some Highlights: Mike explains the buy signal for this momentum trade. Technical levels in IPOs just one trading day old are significant. Understand this is a momentum trade which has little to do … Read More

Can You Momentum Trade Oil Like Our Trainee?

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Our trainee Petr takes a momentum trade in the WTI cdf and makes 5:1 RR. Can you trade like this? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/utraderyt Help me write my book: http://www.unconventionaltrader.com Training Info: http://www.bit.ly/smbhome My analysis on TradingView.com: http://bit.ly/tviewprfle Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/marcpmarkets Webinar and Trade Review Archive: http://bit.ly/archpge Marc Principato, CMT Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

A Scalp Trade on JBL

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This is a post from our traders TO about a scalp trade he made on JBL from yesterday: My trading desk neighbor SW and I were both trading JBL today, with 19 as the key level of interest. Without knowing it, I took the opposite direction of his trade at the Open for a quick momentum scalp. SW got long … Read More

Trading lesson from the NYC bus system (ANF)

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What the heck does the NYC bus system have to do with intraday trading?  Think about it…. is the best way to start your day waiting on the corner for the bus or running down the sidewalk trying to catch the bus?  I choose patiently waiting for the bus.  If you want to make it as a intraday trader you … Read More