Forex: Where’s the “Easy” Button?

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Many new traders are looking for a trustworthy resource that will hand them a strategy with a high percentage win rate, a stellar track record and a very short learning curve. This is reminiscent of the many attractive young women in New York City today who according to their online dating ads all seek the same guy: tall, handsome, full … Read More

Forex and Pizzerias?

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You have all heard the business analogy used a billion times in the trading world. And in case you haven’t, it goes something like this, “If you want to do well at trading, you must treat it like a business.”. Then they go on to cite some business examples and you pretty much get the rest of the idea. So … Read More

Adapting to This Market as a Day Trader

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What are you doing as a day trader to adapt and succeed in this tape? This market can be rough for novice day traders trying to figure out a way to find consistency. The bots are alive and well, the volatility remains high and headline risk abounds. Trades that worked only a few short months ago are now being piled … Read More