Electronic Trading

In the past 20 years US equity markets have evolved dramatically. The two major US markets the NYSE and NASDAQ have moved forward at different paces but pretty much have converged at this point with how they interact with traders. Trades can be executed on either exchange within a blink of an eye by computers and humans alike. For an … Read More

The Stock Market Does Not Exist To Serve The Long Term Investor

I appreciate being invited on to Bloomberg TV Monday to share my thoughts on market regulation and HFT trading. This issue has received a lot of press recently in part thanks to Mark Cuban who has used his notoriety to bring attention to an important issue. I applaud him for using his platform for bringing this issue into focus, first … Read More

Stocks don’t just move, they are moved

“Stocks don’t just move, they are moved” — Jeff Cooper You notice in the prints a held bid and it’s not dropping, so you decide to get in front and get long. There you arenicely positioned in front of the held bid just waiting for the move up. You’re reading the tape and you spotted this held bid but it’s … Read More

Bears Don’t Exist, Think Like a Bull

This is a guest post from Fred Barnes aka @DCDaytrader: I recently had a conversation with a few somewhat novice traders. For us traders who don’t have the 2007-2008 market experience on our resumes, we’re looking at the recent market activity in awe. Watching the quote screen (of the $ES_F) in August (2011) required the skills of a speed reader. … Read More