My Worst Trade

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Recently I was going through my trading notes and I happened to come across a trade that I documented a while back. And after looking it over, I realized it can serve as a good lesson to present to newer traders who may not realize that they are also making this costly mistake. Somewhere in our learning curve, we have … Read More

Forex Trading: Less Fighting More Fishing

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Much of the time when you read about trading, many use metaphors that refer to competition or war. You will often hear phrases like, “the forex arena”, “bulls battling the bears”, “you compete with the best and brightest minds in the world”. This is convenient and filled to the brim with conflict (we love drama just watch the news). What … Read More

The Forex Trader’s Fear of Missing Out

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One of the more entertaining things I hear out of forex traders that I talk to is, “I can’t believe I missed that 40-pip move! I left so much money on the table!”. My question is whose table did you leave that money on? What’s even funnier is when traders claim they’re losing money because they’re missing nice moves. This … Read More

Bears Don’t Exist, Think Like a Bull

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This is a guest post from Fred Barnes aka @DCDaytrader: I recently had a conversation with a few somewhat novice traders. For us traders who don’t have the 2007-2008 market experience on our resumes, we’re looking at the recent market activity in awe. Watching the quote screen (of the $ES_F) in August (2011) required the skills of a speed reader. … Read More