John Locke Group Mentoring Open House, today at 5:30 PM EDT

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Twice a month since September 2012, SMBU has been holding John Locke’s group mentoring classes. October is our Open House for John’s group mentoring sessions to give traders, who are not registered for the course all year, a chance to see why so many options traders find these mentoring sessions critical to their implementation of John’s options strategies. For those … Read More

John Locke: Learn how to become a professional trader through the M21 Options Trading System

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Yesterday, John Locke returned to the Options Tribe to discuss how options traders can wind up on an options trading desk by becoming skilled at the M21 Options Trading System. Unfortunately the recording on the meeting was corrupted but we have the powerpoint available. Enjoy! The SMB Options Training Program is a program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders … Read More

Learn To Trade Before You NEED To

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Whenever market conditions are similar for an extended period of time it’s not that difficult to come up with a trading methodology that works remarkably well. When this happens I’ll see two things. First is a bunch people selling advisories and set ups. And second are traders who think they’ve found the Holy Grail and want to retire. From early … Read More