Sometimes it’s your job to lose money

In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses why it is disadvantageous for a trader to get into a mindset that he must win every trade at all costs. He must instead accept that the best trades have anticipated losing months in each year, no matter how well designed that strategy is.

SMB Seeking Senior Futures Traders

Are you a profitable futures trader? Looking for the next level in your career? Let’s talk! SMB Futures is currently looking for the following: Position: Senior Futures Trader Qualifications: Experienced traders with a proven track record of profitability of at least 2 years making $250k/year or more. We are looking for talented traders who are self-motivated and willing to adhere … Read More

I Hate My Job!

Hi Mike, My name is Assaf and I would like to get your advice if it is possible. I’m 42 years old married with three kids, living in Israel and working as a software engineer. Currently I’m managing a group of engineers and making around $120K a year (in Israel this pretty good salary). I can see my career develops … Read More

Should You Quit Your Job to Trade?

Dear Mr. Bellafiore, Hello my name is Jeffrey, first off I’d like to thank you for the information in your book “one good trade” it’s been very helpful. I’ve been day trading for 2 1/2 years now. I can’t trade stocks because of my work schedule but do take advantage of the Future and Currency markets. I’ve come to realize … Read More