SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: SMBU’s Andrew Falde: The TEA Iron Condor Options Trading Technique

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This week, SMBU’s Andrew Falde returns to the Options Tribe to present his TEA iron condor options trading technique. Earlier this year, Andrew taught a small group of traders the TEA Iron Condor system. The system is robust enough to handle the recent big market moves because it is comprised of a mix of trend following and market neutral income components. Andrew will also discuss some of the filtering technique that he uses to help reduce risk during black swan events.

The Case for Wider Option Spreads

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When analyzing a vertical based credit spread, including iron condors and butterflies, the first question that usually comes up is where to place the short strike. In a distant second usually comes the question of where to place the long strike, that is how wide the spread will be. This leaves some analysis to be done on using more contracts … Read More