Facebook Friday And Rocket Science

Despite the fact that the fast majority of those hired by hedge funds and banks these days are literally rocket scientists (PHD’s in Physics, AstroPhysics, Mathematics etc.) trading is NOT rocket science. Of course being good at math and being able to write algorithms doesn’t prevent someone from successful market speculation it just isn’t a prerequisite. On Friday I outlined … Read More

Traders Ask- Where Do I Buy? (Support Play- TSLA)

I received this email from a reader: Hi Mike, I caught your stocktwits segment on Sunday (I believe) covering the TSLA IPO. Now… as I’m watching it drip lower I’m wondering at what level if at all would GS or the underwriter support it? Where would you look to get interested in buying? 18 looks like the line of defense … Read More

How to Find a Hot IPO: TSLA

One of our new traders poked his head into my office yesterday and asked,”What do you think of TSLA?” I had read a few things about the IPO but nothing that led me to think it would be especially hot. The whole electric car thing is cool but I didn’t feel the hype (think huge margins and a ginormous upside … Read More

Letting an IPO Run

“Bella I cut too early.” “Damn I cannot believe I sold that FSLR a point ago.” “I am such a wuss FSLR ran 3 points after I sold it.” I heard all of these statements on my prop desk today.  Selling early is a constant struggle for all of us. One position that I let run is an IPO holding … Read More