Unusual Prices Are A Better Bet In An HFT Dominated Market

I was trading FCX this morning.  I noticed a clear buyer at 60.90 during the Open.  In the late morning the buyer dropped and I got short.  FCX traded down about 30 cents over the next ten minutes.  It then did a bit of a short squeeze up to 61 before trading down to its opening price of 60.20 From … Read More

Reading the Tape In Multiple Time Frames

I was trading V today for the third consecutive day. My initial bias was short based on the weakness on the tape I had seen during the prior two days. During yesterday’s two point pop in the SPYs I found it to be very telling That V barely bounced. So I came in today ready to get short again. The … Read More

Free Trading Seminar In NYC

Trading Setups That Are Working In Today’s Market Please join us on May 15th at our training room in NYC for an interactive seminar on which trading setups are working best in today’s market. The partners of SMB will discuss in detail the setups that have been offering the greatest risk/reward for the past two months in US equity markets. … Read More

How To Get Back In

A very talented experienced trader joined our desk about five months ago. Let’s call him Trader Dan. He decided SMB was a better fit for his personality than his original trading firm. His first trading job entailed shorting very strong stocks intraday and getting long very weak stocks intraday. Somehow he was able to earn a living with that strategy … Read More