For Tomorrow- If I Could

I will be flying to the LA Traders Expo as the market opens tomorrow. We cannot yet trade from 36k feet. But if we could I would. Before throwing my toothbrush into my travel case and folding my under shirts neatly, I thought I would leave you with some trading observations. If I was trading tomorrow 1050 S&P futures would … Read More

Awesome Links of the Week

Wow!  The iPad has already passed the Android in browsing traffic.  I love mine! From consistently the best content provider for finance Henry Blodget of Business Insider, Is Facebook Once Again Overhyped? The best trading coach I know, Dr. Steenbarger- The Daily Trading Coach, shares his opinion of One Good Trade (Wiley). Is law school tuition in a bubble? Spend Thursday … Read More

It’s the Price Action Stupid!

Borrowing phraseology from the Ragin Cajun and former advisor to President Clinton, James Carville: it’s the price action stupid! Why is the market going up with unemployment so high, consumer debt outrageous, an environment where taxes must go higher, energy 5xs the norm, housing still depressed, access to credit stunted, expensive war expenditures, the Greece failure, a weak dollar, and … Read More

Awesome Links of the Week

Finding the right trading home from Dr. Steenbarger. GMan, writes a hysterical blog: Getting Help From Your Peers. Is social networking overtaking email, from Fred Wilson. Interesting take on the GS/ SEC battle, Caveat Emptor, by @Ldrogen. Kid Dynamite offers his take on the GS/ SEC battle. Do Blog comments matter anymore by Tim Bourquin of The bigger picture … Read More

Banging In and Out of Stocks

As a desk we have transitioned into focusing on Trades2Hold due to different market conditions. Scalping has diminished. C trades deemphasized. We wait for our best set ups and execute. But then Obama entered the arena looking for a fight with the Banks. Things got ugly. And as traders we need to adjust again. Back in the Fall of 08 … Read More

JToma talks Banks, SPY, and GS on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report

News today was focused the repayment of TARP funds by 10 of the big banks. This news has been circulating in the market for quite some time and I believe that it was priced into the financials. The TARP trade for most financials is finished! In the broader market it seems that we are continuing to trade in a range. … Read More

Don’t Fight the Tide

Part of my job as a partner at SMB is keeping an eye on what other traders on our desk are trading.  I have a third monitor that is used primarily for this purpose.  I find it kind of amusing when a new trader asks for a third monitor.  Why would they need a third monitor?  So they can spend … Read More