See the Hypos

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Today we’re looking at creating premarket if/then statements. There’s a powerful list of benefits associated with adding this to your routine. I hope that is helpful to your own trading. Merritt Black *No relevant positions Important Disclosures  

Taking your trading to the next level

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In a daily trader review or monthly trader review, often I find the words: “to take my trading to the next level.”  Traders wish to take their trading to the next level.   It’s almost like we could start a cult: Next Level Trading. The desire is there for most traders.  The question is the how. Most traders focus on trading … Read More

Check In With Yourself

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One thing I consistently see with most traders I mentor is a lack of a holistic premarket preparation routine. Yes, most already check the news, find things they’re interested in trading, and begin to pour over charts for levels and patterns. Pretty standard. All good things ,but… What I teach my mentees is to add checking in with themselves! Sure, we … Read More

See the hypos!

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I’m grinning from ear to ear today. One of my mentees was tasked yesterday to begin preparing premarket “hypos” each morning. It’s just what it sounds like – a few hypotheses for how the day might unfold, therefore providing a roadmap for the day with key inflection points and potential targets. Here’s a screenshot of his premarket journal post in … Read More

Find great levels in the S&P 500

Merritt BlackFree Daily Trading Video, Futures

This short lesson teaches the concept of using custom-period volume profiles to find great tradable levels. Apply this to your trading on your higher timeframe charts to help frame a contextual framework. Reach out to Merritt at [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about using powerful tools like this.