Traders Ask: What is the Proper Exit on a Swing Trade?

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Reader Alex asked: My name is Alex and I’ve been swing trading for two years. I’ve been reading SMB’s blog for a while, and really enjoy the posts on trader development. I have recently journaled a question that emerged during two of my recent short trades. I believe that this question relates to intraday trading as well. Depending on conditions … Read More

Trade2Hold Exit- AMZN

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Today during our AM meeting we highlighted AMZN and the 123 level as a shorting opportunity. ¬†This turned out to be a wonderful intraday trading opportunity. ¬† As intraday traders gravitate towards a longer holding period, for us Trades2Hold, set ups like AMZN must be mastered. AMZN had earnings Thursday night, gapped up on Friday, and then sold off for … Read More