Wall Street’s Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse (Show Notes)

@BTheStory87 interviews Lance Breitstein, former back-to-back #1 trader at a tier one prop firm, in this MUST WATCH video.  Below are the Show Notes of this interview- Wall Street’s Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse.  We hope this video gives you numerous ideas to improve and grow as a trader. Lance and  “B The Trader” Interview Show Notes Key … Read More

Is it possible to trade bigger while reducing risk and stress?

Yesterday Shark, one of the top traders at our proprietary trading firm in NYC, shared his new dynamic hedging strategy with other firm traders.  Specifically, he reviewed how he attacked his recent hugely profitable short trade in GME, using this dynamic hedging strategy.  This was a trade that netted sizeable trading profits, but the role-modeling that Shark did was so … Read More

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How Elite Traders Are Eclipsing Their PnL Records In This Volatile Market Market Massacres Make Great Options Opportunities (Part II) How Short Term Trading Can Survive Unprecedented Volatility  How you should be doing in this market (Bella from the training room) A Trading Tip During These Coronavirus Fears *no relevant positions Important disclosures  

Traders Ask: How Do I Develop Conviction?

I have a question for you: Is conviction something you have to earn?? I know the question is almost rhetorical. But I listen to the older/experienced traders before, during, and after the market on the Virtual Trading Floor and I hear the word conviction getting thrown around a lot. Especially when I’m listening to Marc Sperling. When Sperling is doing his … Read More