Mobile Trading: It’s Easy! (Start Running Now)

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A forex broker actually sent me this message, I added the part in parenthesis.  Now, after reading this statement, what comes to mind? Are you imagining pressing some buttons on your smart phone from the 18th hole (I’m writing like I know something about golf) and smiling because you just made a thousand? Sounds nice right?  Many forex brokers today … Read More

If Only They Were All This Easy…

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I managed to pick up some MGM at 11.22 yesterday. I was risking about five cents on 1200 shares. I considered my initial upside to be around 11.80. But ultimately I was looking for a breakout above 12 with upside to 13.80-14. When I came in this morning MGM was trading slightly higher than 11.50. My trading plan was to … Read More