Fading An Earnings Gap–Darden Restaurants

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In this video I discuss my thought process for shorting DRI after they released their earnings report. This follows a video from a few weeks ago in which I shorted RHT. Understanding the catalysts where an earnings gap is likely to fail can help you increase your win %. Add these to your playbook if they make sense to you. Steven Spencer is the … Read More

Earnings Season in Full Swing!

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Only four times a year do we get the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest moves individual stocks will experience during the rest of the year. To take full advantage of these opportunities, the work often starts the night before and hours before the market opens. What is your process to prepare for trading these opportunities before the … Read More

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: John Locke of Lockeinyoursuccess.com: Combining Technical Analysis with Options Income Trading to Improve Returns

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December 15, 2015 This week, John Locke of Lockeinyoursuccess.com will be discussing how he combines technical analysis and the principles of options income trading to improve returns. Update: The recording of this webinar is available on the Options Tribe Premium archive. Seth Freudberg Director, SMB Options Training Program The SMB Options Training Program is a program designed for novice and … Read More

SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! (Nov 5-7)

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Every three months there is an amazing trading opportunity, our trading Super Bowl, for those prepared. Earnings season provides greater opportunities for outsized trading profits for those in the Right Stocks And in the Right Setups And with the Right Process. Those unsatisfied with their results during earnings season must improve on these aspects of their trading game. You can! … Read More

How to Win During Earnings Season

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Every financial quarter as traders we have our Super Bowl- Earnings Season.  These are exciting trading times! New traders chirp, “This is going to be the month I break out.” Developing traders announce,”I am not going to be a wuss during this earnings season and quintuple my profits!” Experienced traders unsatisfied with their results during earnings season declare, “I will … Read More