Reading the Tape

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In a recent blog Dr. Steenbarger talked about a vital skill for the intraday trader, reading the tape.  Dr. Steenbarger, aka the godfather of modern trading psychology, wrote: “My experience is that an understanding of (and ability to read) order flow is one important factor that separates the older, successful generation of daytraders from the newbies who only know simple … Read More

A Must Read: The Daily Trading Coach

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The first time I met Dr. Steenbarger was in the smaller conference room of our proprietary trading firm in NYC. We were finalizing our training program and we wanted the best teacher that we knew to review our work. He wasn’t being paid, he was just a trading coach offering a helping hand. As Dr. Steenbarger offered his critique I was … Read More

SMB Training Program Recognized

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Well today was a proud day for me and my partner.  Dr. Steenbarger, one of the top three trading coaches in the country, wrote a very nice blog about our training program (  Steve, GMan and I worked very hard to develop our training program and it is a great honor to be mentioned by Dr. Steenbarger.  On our desk I always describe … Read More