Awesome Links of the Week

Steve Jobs using his good fortune and power to give back. Great quote of the week from Andy Kershner’s, CEO of the excellent prop firm Kershner Trading Group in Austin, Texas, email: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson The Trenton Thunder, Gov. Chris Christie, working to make New Jersey more competitive. Governor Perry and his philosophy … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do I Work on My Stubbornness?

I received the following email from reader Brent: Dear Bella, I have followed SMB Capital since WSW on Mojo and have been following the blog for several months now. I am impressed by the quality of content that you guys release and it has helped my trading greatly. I am a remote trader for a prop firm and have been … Read More

Awesome Links of the Week

Aren’t we all just looking for trading patterns? Dr. Steenbarger continuing to add more value to the trading community. The John Stewart of financial commentary Howard Lindzon offers his tips for trading/investing. A look at where we are with SPY from Are you setting ambitious goals for your trading? Training for the NFL draft.  Thanks to one of my … Read More

Awesome Links of the Week

Must read about what it takes to become a successful trader from @thekirkreport Fascinating post about a new focus on the rotational training of professional baseball players. A successful trader gives some hints about his shorting system for equity traders. A statistical expert blogger discusses the odds of health care passing. Using stats to improve our health care delivery. Preparation … Read More

Reading the Tape

In a recent blog Dr. Steenbarger talked about a vital skill for the intraday trader, reading the tape.  Dr. Steenbarger, aka the godfather of modern trading psychology, wrote: “My experience is that an understanding of (and ability to read) order flow is one important factor that separates the older, successful generation of daytraders from the newbies who only know simple … Read More

A Must Read: The Daily Trading Coach

The first time I met Dr. Steenbarger was in the smaller conference room of our proprietary trading firm in NYC. We were finalizing our training program and we wanted the best teacher that we knew to review our work. He wasn’t being paid, he was just a trading coach offering a helping hand. As Dr. Steenbarger offered his critique I was … Read More

Why Inexperienced Traders Fail to Hold Their Winners

One of the most difficult skills to master for a younger trader is holding a position for a larger move. I’m going to discuss the reasons that I believe this is the case and some of the things SMB does to help its traders improve on this very important skill. I will also briefly discuss one of the younger traders … Read More