Don’t Give Away An Edge

The market had a broad rally on Tuesday.  When we came into the office on Wednesday we cautioned our traders against chasing moves in stocks that could be a bit overextended when the market opened.  Our thought process was to look for safer long entries based on the prior day’s support levels.  I think you probably know how the rest … Read More

You Don’t See That Every Day: 6 Minutes of Insanity

At around 2:30PM the SPYs were trading down to 113.60 from 117. It seemed like it was a good place to start looking for a bounce. I was keying in on the 113.10 level from March 5th as a potential dream price to get long. I got stopped out below 113 a few minutes later. At 2:42 I decided to … Read More

Don’t Let An “Idea” End Your Trading Career

In today’s AM Meeting I mentioned that AMZN has been unusually weak the past couple of days. If it got below 130.50 I thought there would be a lot of momentum longs who would panic and the stock would drop to 128. That trade never materialized. The first move in AMZN was up. The second move in AMZN was up. … Read More

A New Arrow For Your Quiver

I have never written a blog post about the trade setup that I’m about to discuss. For the most part we share pretty openly the setups and techniques we use on a daily basis to make money. I’ve been contacted by many developing traders who actually can’t believe the amount of information we provide free of charge via our blog. … Read More