How to Make the Leap From Consistently Profitable Trader to Star Trader

In this post, I will share an idea to go from consistently profitable trader to star trader.  I will share an effective daily exercise that I recommended to a consistently profitable trader on our proprietary trading desk in NYC, who wanted to to touch the next level in his trading.  Let’s dive in. During my remarks at a recent virtual … Read More

Not So Fast

One of the more common patterns seen in a strong market are longer term players buying stocks that have gapped lower after earnings. Sometimes this plays out on Day 1 with momentum buyers aggressively buying the stock leading to a gap fill. But many times a gap fill will play out in the days following the earnings release once the … Read More

Should This Trader Make a Comeback?

Below is an interesting trading anecdote I received via LinkedIn.  I asked the writer if I could share his trading experience with our community.  He agreed.  The names and places have been changed for compliance reasons and we have no interest in saying anything negative about anyone or any firm on this blog. What I find interesting about his note … Read More