My Thought Process: $LIFE

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It isn’t my regular practice to “Live Tweet” when I’m involved in actively managing a position. By nature I am not a good “multi-tasker” (don’t get my girlfriend started on that topic 🙂 ). But LIFE was so In Play today that I wanted to share some of my thoughts and actions right as the market opened for trading. So … Read More

Forex Road Map

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Marc Principato, CMT records a trade setup as it happens on the S&P 500 CFD instrument. This is an example of how the traders in the SMB Forex and Futures program manage emerging opportunities. It’s like having a road map. Can you see the value? — Marc Principato, CMT Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

Is He a “Real Trader”?

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I come from a prop firm that’s heavily composed of traders that scalp for a penny profit on list of selective stocks that meet the necessary criteria.  Yesterday, our firm has been banned for a week on using the routes on these selective stocks that are necessary to implement the penny scalping strategy from our provider due to selective traders … Read More

The Forex Road Map

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When new traders enter the forex market, they install their platform of choice and then ask the following question, “How do I know which way my forex pair is going?”. They usually seek the answer by immersing themselves into the world of confusion. Amazingly enough, newer traders already come to the game with the preconceived notions that their brokers love. … Read More

Imprint These Images On Your Brain

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I tweeted the following this afternoon: there is “easy money” and “hard money” in trading. your longevity is determined by which one you choose to pursue…$$ I had quite a few responses. Some traders pointed out trading is not easy. And of course I agree with this. Trading successfully requires thousands of hours of practice and skill development. But once … Read More