From SMB Intern to Consistently Profitable Prop Trader (Live from Stony Brook U)

@SperoTrades presents his journey from SMB Intern, to struggling trader, to thinking of quitting, to Consistently Profitable Trader.  He does this all live from his former investment club at Stony Brook U.  Not too long ago, Justin sat in the same seats as these college students listening to prop firm co-founder (me) teach the career of prop trader.  Now here … Read More

Improve YOUR trading this weekend with these proven educational videos

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If you want to be a great trader (anything?) you must consider this

At SMB we want traders to be THEIR best trader. Not as profitable as our top trader. Not the best scalper they can be.  Or the best swing trader they can be.  Or the best arb trader they can be.  Nor the best technical trader they can be.  They need to find what makes them them.  As Dr. Steenbarger said … Read More

A trader struggles with added risk

Here is an anecdote from our proprietary trading desk in NYC. A consistently profitable trader (CPT) shot me an email this week to chat about struggling with a recent bump in share size and risk.  He felt he had taken a step back with his trading after being given the opportunity by the firm to take a few steps forward … Read More