Unveiling the Secrets: What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? (Show Notes)

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@TheOneLanceB joins @FuturesTrader71 and Anthony Crudele, Host of Futures Radio Show, for a deep discussion on a topic important to many new and developing traders and even experienced traders: What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? Below are the Show Notes from this discussion, compiled by SMB for the trading community. Here is what one viewer said about this video: … Read More

Bring a consistent you to markets to improve your trading

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Trader wants to improve his trading consistency.   (Please assume Trader has some edge in markets.) Trader might double down on their efforts to perform better during market hours.  If I just focus better.  If I just take only A+ trades.  If I just wait for my trades more patiently.  If I just use this indicator.  If I just size … Read More