Bring a consistent you to markets to improve your trading

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Trader wants to improve his trading consistency.   (Please assume Trader has some edge in markets.) Trader might double down on their efforts to perform better during market hours.  If I just focus better.  If I just take only A+ trades.  If I just wait for my trades more patiently.  If I just use this indicator.  If I just size … Read More

10 Ways to Become a More Consistent Trader

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I was sitting across from an ambitious new trader in Troy, NY (yes you read that correctly Troy, NY) enjoying the Brown’s Pale Ale discussing ways to be more consistent as a trader. Now most of these conversations are started by traders who were never profitable. But not this one. This one was with a new trader who had mid-six … Read More

How To Be More Consistent in Your Trading

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How to Be More Consistent in Your Trading We all have things that we feel quite strongly about, for completely irrational reasons. Me? I can’t stand rollercoasters. While some people get a kick out of the adrenaline rush, I prefer steady and smooth riding. One thing’s for sure—I don’t want the huge swings and volatile ups and downs. With the … Read More