One Mistake Your Broker is Glad You’re Making

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A common mistake that new and developing traders make in the options market is to trade strategies that involve high commissions relative to the earning potential. We often see newer options traders applying great options strategies to the wrong instruments. Option trading strategies that involve frequent management to control risk can be commission intensive. This is especially true if you’re … Read More

Options Trading Commissions: Choosing the Best Broker

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In our continued discussion about picking a broker for your options trading, one must always consider commissions. As discussed in our previous article, the good news is that rates are more competitive than at any other time. When you are just starting out learning how to trade options there are many brokers to choose from and just as many different … Read More


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I get this question all the time: What is the difference between straight through processing (STP) and an ECN broker? Big difference. Straight Through Processing from what I understand is just a name given to dealing desk brokers that have automated the dealing process. Traditionally in the spot forex market, when you place a trade, you are being filled by … Read More

Reformed Broker Reviews One Good Trade

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Joshua Brown from the Reformed Broker believes One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore, currently the number one trading booking in the country, is more than just a trading book. He says the book is about process, the value of focusing on methodology in your daily tasks and allowing the end results to take care of themselves. Read the full review … Read More