Taking a Rip in Tesla

We shared that we have been hawking a potential Bounce Trade in Tesla.  I spelled out Four Keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade.  Some on the desk pounced on a Bounce Trade in Tesla after SEEING it.  They took rips as the trade failed.  Let’s discuss an important reality to being a professional trader. Taking losses is part of the … Read More

Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade

Many trading eyes are waiting for a $TSLA bounce.  Let me share four keys (not all of them) to trade this opportunity well as an active trader. Sensing too many traders were positioning for a bounce *too early*, I shared this tweet with the trading community: My goal was to remind traders they needed to be specific about the Bounce … Read More

Confirmation bias and the trading this week in SLV

From Ian Leslie in his blog why is reasoning really all about winning: It’s been shown again and again in studies that we have a very strong ‘confirmation bias’; once we have an idea about the world we like (Obama is un-American, my girlfriend is cheating on me, the world is or isn’t getting warmer) we pick up on evidence … Read More