How to Bounce Back From Failure in Trading

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This is one blog post that I hope you never have to read. Why? Because it’s all about failure. The word “failure” has tons of connotations. Shame. Guilt. Disappointment. Anger. These are things that we try to avoid at all costs. If the world were perfect, you would never run into failure in your trading career. I hope that you … Read More

Extraordinary Situation; Ordinary Trade.

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In yesterday’s post, I made a case for a bounce play in the Japanese stock market. Last night’s extreme move makes this call look kind of silly in retrospect, but I want to highlight some important points and lessons here. First of all, this really highlights the difference between “armchair quarterbacking” or “time machine trading” (as we like to call … Read More

Market reactions to “Acts of God”

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In my daily report for Waverly Advisors I issued a short-term buy on the Nikkei 225 futures. Obviously, this is a controversial trade fraught with difficulty, but I thought it might be interesting to think about this type of situation from a technical perspective. First of all, please read the link above. Before reducing the situation to a set of … Read More