Entering a Bearish Butterfly Late in the Trading Cycle

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In this video, Seth Freudberg talks about entering a bearish butterfly late in a trading cycle. Sometimes options traders, for capital reasons, are forced into entering options trades later than normal. This video discusses a way to enter the bearish butterfly strategy later than its prescribed start date. This approach takes advantage of the basic premise of the bearish butterfly–that … Read More

The Bearish Butterfly Trade

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This week, Seth Freudberg discusses the basics of the bearish butterfly options trade with the college program participants who spent five weeks with us this summer delving into equity, options and forex trading. The SMB Options Training Program is a program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking an intensive training process to learn how to … Read More

December’s $RUT Bearish Butterfly Trade

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One of my favorite options spread trades is the Bearish Butterfly. I developed this trade a number of years ago in recognition of the fact that no matter how much the market may rally, it will eventually experience pullbacks. So an options spread trade, developed to take advantage of these periodic pullbacks should work in most market scenarios. In the … Read More