Studying Price Patterns: $APC and $RH

***Editor’s note: Jake Huska is a college student working on his trading game. At SMB we believe traders should start working on their trading game early, just like pro athletes. Jake’s posts reflect a better journey toward becoming a pro trader for the college student with a passion for trading.*** As a trader I am more concerned with price patterns … Read More

Measuring Your Levels

Imagination is more important than knowledge… Albert Einstein We just got out of a Tradecast where one of our traders confused himself because he valued every level equally. All levels are not created equal. Before entering a trade you should ask: where can this stock go? During our Tradecast New Trader Mike showed tape of APC where he had two … Read More

For Tomorrow- If I Could

I will be flying to the LA Traders Expo as the market opens tomorrow. We cannot yet trade from 36k feet. But if we could I would. Before throwing my toothbrush into my travel case and folding my under shirts neatly, I thought I would leave you with some trading observations. If I was trading tomorrow 1050 S&P futures would … Read More