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Check out an exclusive interview with SMB’s Steve Spencer recently featured on Steve discusses the importance of tape reading combined with chart reading for money-making results. Steve also discusses the following:

  • How he uses trading algos to actually find good trading opportunities and avoid trading false breakouts.
  • Trading the “right” stocks.
  • His unusual risk to reward ratio he demands of every trade he enters.
  • Specific strategies for trading stocks that were in the news 2-3 days prior.
  • The non-trading book he read that made a tremendous difference in his trading results.
  • Why he considers himself a “hybrid trader” and how he combines several trading skills to make money consistently.

If you are looking to develop as a trader, you must listen to this interview!!

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  1. Nice interview.

    Question regarding tape reading and looking understanding the natural spread to develop a bias on where to accumulate stock. What stocks are easiest (or hardest) to read these programs? Nyse vs Nasdaq? Stock vs ETF? GS or AAPL? Do you use this to develop short term trades or trades2hold.


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