SMB’s Spencer High-Frequency Trading, Cuban Op-ED – Bloomberg TV

Steve Spencer discusses on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” stock market regulation, electronic trading and reacts to HDNet Chairman Mark Cuban’s op-ed challenging high-frequency trading.

Steve Spencer
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2 Comments on “SMB’s Spencer High-Frequency Trading, Cuban Op-ED – Bloomberg TV”

  1. Well said, Mr. Spencer. You took some overly broad questions and distilled them properly, you redirected the HFT bias well and lasered in on the problem activities – quote stuffing, unfair front run data feeds, dark pools (unmentioned) and the problematic dangers of misguided regulation and taxation on ALL transactions. We don’t ask Mark Cuban about football concussions, which is a also a sport with a ball, yet somehow he is allowed to OPED about financial markets because he has (lots of) money. The specific regulation of exchanges and their business “deals” with HFT firms is the necessary mandate from the government because of the proliferation of 401K federal income tax breaks that allow companies and employees to save for retirement on said exchanges. The federal incentive guides(pushes) uninitiated employees into mutual funds on monopolized exchanges that allow these hyperactive algos to scalp and skim in milliseconds and return some of the original paycheck deduction back to the for-profit-exchange.

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