Rick is the lead developer for SMB Systems Trading, LLC. His career on Wall Street has spanned over 25 years and has included stints as director of research for Ryan Beck, Tucker Anthony, Swiss Bank, and The Chicago Corporation. Beginning in 1999 his focus moved away from fundamental research and towards developing algorithmic trading strategies. Since that time he has been a principal of two hedge funds: The Ryan Beck Kronos Fund, LP and Geronimo Partners Asset Management, LLC both of which employed his algorithms as part of their primary trading strategies.

Rick will focus his blogs on giving you insights into new system trading tools to use in your trading—what they are, how to use them, how to test them to see if they work, how to tune them to fit your trading style and markets, and how to build your own.  Early next year we will have a webinar series so you can learn to use and develop system trading tools that will take your trading to a new level.  In the meantime, please let us know any specific topics you would like us to discuss in the blogs.

Please feel free to email Rick with comments/questions at [email protected]

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