End of the Month Review

I love stats. One of my favorite books is MoneyBall. Presently I am hooked on the wOBA that Rob Neyer has been blogging about. When I read rumors about the Yanks getting Sabathia or Burnett or Lowe I immediately check their important stats, such as their WHIP and strikeouts per innings. For me the idea of being able to quantify … Read More

Why I Trade on Black Friday

There were very few on the train to work this AM. The volume is very light on the day after Thanksgiving. Probably 80 percent of traders take today off. Why did I trade today? Back in the day two of the best days I have had trading were on Black Friday. During the Internet Boom I walked in up close … Read More

How To Combat Overtrading!

As I sit here the night before Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on my trading over the past couple of weeks. I have realized that one major flaw has seeped into my trading. This money eating flaw is over-trading. I have been trading for close to 15 years and it amazes me that this bad habit continues to rear its ugly … Read More


RIMM is about 70% from its high.  It seems real cheap based on next year earnings projection of $4.50 per share.  But the price action indicates that noone believes those estimates.  There are probably a lot of people betting that RIMM will have trouble matching this years $3.50 per share.  So perhaps RIMM will have one more down leg. RIMM … Read More

Patiently Waiting in the Wrong Stock

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I performed well, though I traded lightly and found it difficult to trade the market in the middle of the day. I am normally the type of trader that can sit there and trade profitably all day long. I make my adjustments so I can trade profitably during the middle of the day … Read More

Comparing Tomorrow with Today

We haven’t seen too many days where offers were paid like today in the past year. I mean that was just amazing. The buying in GS, the buying in AAPL. The explosiveness of the moves. How hard it was to get hit on the bid. Where did this buying come from? I would say today was strong but that would … Read More

Risk: SO Not Just A Game

During a good film session today with a senior trader I got to get a clear look at how quickly I lose control of my risk and put my trading day in complete jeopardy. The film was from Thursday of last week when I was daytrading SRS (the real-estate ultrashort ETF) actively. To give you an idea of how the … Read More

Sunday Thoughts

At the office doing a few things with Steve, GMan, and Charlie. We are gonna watch some film at 3:15 with a few traders. We are putting together some new materials for Advanced Training and reworking one our websites. I am done with most of my part of that work. So now I starting to think about next week. And … Read More