Learn How to Trade First

I received this email last night during the Cavs/Celtics game. I have to admit I was more interested in the game than responding to this email. But let’s take a swing at it this morning. Hey Bella, This morning when you were trading USO on the open and buying at the 32 level, initially 32 had dropped but you mentioned … Read More


One of our traders was getting shot for “A Day in the Life” video today. Another of our traders is up on Friday for a similar shoot. We will share these videos with you upon completion. But what was most interesting today was a discussion that was captured on this video. This discussion was about flipping. One of the advantages … Read More

Please Make This Trade–Especially SMB Traders

The past twelve months have been a complete roller coaster ride in the energy markets.  We watched oil go from $50 to almost $150 and back below $50 again.  In fact, the other day it was around $35 per barrel.  On New Year’s Eve oil made a powerful up move on very high volume.  There was some good money in … Read More

We’re Back

It was good to get back to work today.  Glad to put the low volume holiday trading in the rear view mirror.  And looking to see how we start the year.  Today was the first day of our January class.  Nine talented, eager, new trainees.  I saw two working way too hard today as Steve and I left.  Steve and … Read More

Picking Your Tier Size, Part I

Happy new year to you all! I have spent some of the last few days off thinking about my trading and things I need to improve this year. While watching my archive of tapes in the days that I struggle I have found some inconsistency with my tier size. I have seen this problem in a couple of our guys … Read More

Trading Goals for 09

Happy New Year! At this time of the year many traders are drafting their goals for the new year. This is a good exercise. I believe in work. I believe that progress takes time. But all progress must start with a thoughtful, and ambitious plan. I have seen mediocre traders become great. I have seen poor traders become excellent. I … Read More

That’s NOT a Short!

Yesterday one of our most improved traders was trading GS.  Great stock to be in.  Great job of being in when many were taking off.   This talented young trader, let’s call him MROD, developed a detailed trading plan for GS.  MROD saw that 80 was resistance on the longer term chart in GS, remembered that the last time it … Read More

ROH Bounce

ROH tanked on the Open yesterday. Fading it on the long side was like trying to catch a falling knife. And many of you have heard the Street expression “don’t catch a falling knife.” These tank jobs in ROH happen everyday. As we discussed during our SMB AM Meeting, it is a mistake for a new trader to try and … Read More