2 Comments on “[New Series] Which Technical Indicators Work Best?”

  1. Andrew,
    Excellent video thanks for sharing.

    Some comments:
    I’ve written a lot of easy language for back testing with varying effectiveness in the pursuit of more *objective* criteria for my intraday trade executions, including code for multi contract execution and tiered exits. I’m very interested in future videos and an ongoing dialog in how to make back testing like this more effective.

    One thing I work on with limited effectiveness is how to code the macro timeframe context into a test….e.g. the some of the strategies in the video performed poorly in 2008 and more recently during pullbacks and then performed well during sustained uptrends. I work on much lower timeframes so am interested in 5/1M entries in the context of 60/15M chart setups. I also trade short as much as long so I also write code to trade both ways (or two equivalent strategies, one short/long, that are tested in parallel)

    I look forward to future videos.

    Thanks again,

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