JToma, Jeff Tomasulo, is a former college athlete and graduate of the University of Rochester. He started trading in 1996. He traded his own equity account from 1997-2003. Formerly he was a partner in a prop firm that was bought out in 2001. In 2005 JToma traded bonds at a prop firm. In 05 he started his own private equity fund, which he still manages. As old friends with the partners of SMB, he restarted his equity trading career in March of 08. JToma regularly appears on CNBC’s Fast Money offering trading ideas. This blog will talk about the challenges he faces in this new market. As someone who was an enormously successful trader “back in the day” his focus is on consistently profiting in this new market. Please feel free to email JToma with any questions at [email protected].

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  1. Hi Jeff, thx for all your insight.

    Q: While watching a stock for an intraday, would you suggest the 1 minute, 5 or other, candelstick chart? Thanks again.

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