It’s all about the grind

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Winning traders embrace the grind.  Above is a spreadsheet from a developing trader on our desk measuring his good days and bad.  What did he find?

  • When he arrives before 8AM, he is a good trader.
  • When he arrives after 8AM, he stinks.
  • When his activity is high before work, he is a good trader.
  • When his activity is low before work, he stinks.
  • When he meditates before the Open, he is a good trader.

Said another way, when he is ready for the grind he excels.

Many traders are consumed with whether AAPL will crack, or today’s action is a signal that this is the year we will finally correct.  But if you are not measuring how you succeed (embracing that grind), you will never be able to execute on these opportunities.

Do you keep stats like this?

Are you measuring your trading days so you spot these connections?

Are you ready each day for the grind?

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