3 Day In-House Training November 5-7 at the SMBU Office in NYC

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Earnings Season is Here, Train How to Trade It with SMBU . . . If You Qualify

Every three months an amazing opportunity, our Super Bowl, unfolds for active traders. Earnings season amplifies the amount of Stocks In Play and offers you a chance for increased trading profits. As we say on the desk, earnings season is our chance for all of our hard work to be rewarded.

On our desk we expect to make a multiple of our normal P/L during Earnings Season because of the extra opportunity. Do you? If not, this is your chance to spend three days immersed in training how.

Train to attack Earnings Season with the Right Stocks AND Right Setups AND Right Process

You will train to improve 5 aspects of your trading:

  1. Trading the right stocks during Earnings Season- We say, “Stocks In Play”
  2. Trading the best setups during Earnings Season- We say. “Right Stocks Right Setups”
  3. Utilizing news catalysts to increase your percentage of winning trades
  4. Putting a trade idea together like a professional trader
  5. Professional trade review and preparation process- We say, “Right Process”

smbtraderSimply as Mike Bellafiore wrote in One Good Trade, “You are only as good as the stocks you trade!” Train to improve your stock selection by trading Stocks In Play- the most opportunistic stocks. Be in the Right Stocks!

And trade the Right Setups! The trades that offer the largest margin of error, the greatest risk/reward, fewer intraday decisions, and that trend the best. More specifically setups like the Changing Fundamentals Trend Trend Trade will be taught. Do you trade with a news catalyst behind your trades? Do you know which news catalysts make stocks trade the best/worst? For the underperforming technical traders, adding a news catalyst to your technical setups can dramatically improve your trading results.

…….Or the Consolidation Below VWAP Trade. Do you know how to use one of the most powerful intraday indicators with a Stock In Play? Doing so has jump-started the careers of some of our prop traders in NYC.

And trade with the Right Process! This is the core benefit of attending SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! You will learn to prepare and review for this increased opportunity of earnings season.

Imagine every three months you have the PlayBook, process and stock selection skills to significantly improve your trading PnL. This is the power attendees will possess- skill that will last for your entire trading career.

How SMB Will Train You

All of this training will take place at our SMB location in NYC- In-House!

Train with trading author Mike Bellafiore and SMB Co-Founder Steve Spencer and our desk.

Trade in real-time next to pro traders.

Three days of intensive classroom lectures, mentoring, real-time trading, questions and answers, trade review, role-modeling and talking-trading with pro traders has been designed for you. This intensive training can result in a career-long improvement of your trading results . . . an improvement that can show rewards every 3 months!

SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! is unique in that it allows you the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the pros who are teaching and role modeling for this training. This immersion into the SMB culture and trading desk amps up everything you’ve been learning at home!

You Must Earn More When the Opportunity is Greatesttraderheadset

What angers most new traders? For many, it’s losing money. Experienced traders? For many, it’s not making as much as they should have in their favorite setups or market conditions. You simply must earn more when the opportunity is greatest – Earnings Season.

This is the power and challenge of earnings season. It’s our Super Bowl, which we compete in every financial quarter. We must perform at our highest levels, when the pressure is elevated and the opportunity is greatest. We do! You can!

Talk-Trading with Bella: Do You Qualify?

This event is not for everyone. It may not be for you.

It’s for serious traders who believe in the importance of elite training. Our culture at SMB is to invest in our traders. This in-house special event is for those who choose to invest in themselves and a skill that can reward every three months and last a career.

Attendance will be limited to ten traders. Potential candidates will have the opportunity for a 15 minute call with Bella to determine if SMBU Earnings Season: In-House! is the right investment for you.

Because the 3 days will be jam-packed with intense learning, mentoring and firm trading Bella and Steve plan to hand-pick the students. Your interview with Bella will determine if you are qualified for one of the ten spots, during our trading Super Bowl.


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