I am doing so well. I am scared I am about to lose money. (Video)

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Well we have all had these feelings as a trader/investor.  I am doing so well…this cannot continue.  And we are fearful about what is around the corner.

  • I am trading $TSLA so well, this is going to end badly.
  • I am printing money in my $NFLX swing trades, a large loss is coming.
  • I am trading in and out of $TWTR like an all-star, there is no way this can continue.
  • I am crushing these arb plays, this $AOL/$VZ will get pulled.

In my last book, The PlayBook, I offered a guideline so you wouldn’t be scared after success and develop a scalable trading system.

Think of trades as A+, B and Feeler trades.  Risk a certain amount for each based on percentage of your capital.  And then get results from this systematic way of trading.  With positive results, you are now scalable.

Just trade more capital and keep doing exactly what you are doing.  Calculate the same percentages of your capital for each of these trades.  The trades will be larger but the percentage of your capital will be the same.  This helps you trade bigger.  This helps you feel comfortable trading larger.  This helps you become one dangerous (in a good way) scalable trader.

For more on this idea, please watch this video below where I dive deeper.

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