Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be writing as much as I can about the sectors I am trading, the levels where I’m looking to load up and just my two cents about trading. Occasionally you will see me write about the bad trading witnessed at first hand by some of the big funds out there manipulating stocks and how to take advantage of their silly games.

About me…I’m a Physics and Math minor from Willamette U in Salem Oregon with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Columbia U in NYC. Started trading FX fresh out of college after a short venture at a small foreign exchange retail shop as Tech/Sales help person…Ripper!! Thankfully I left after a short time there and started to trade my own capital in FX and after a couple of years of solid/steady returns I worked with a college colleague to create a black box to automate my FX trading strategy. Having finished that project I wanted to learn how to truly trade a new product and that is how I ended up at SMB.

As of this writing I have been trading equities and forex for 7 years. I describe my trading style as a combination of a fade and momentum trader. I am a very active / high volume trader and believe in losing a bit of money in a stock to learn how it trades so I can get paid later in the day. If you are connected to our audio system you will hear me trade whatever sector is in play at the time (Financials, cheap solars, mortgage brokers). I am not huge in trading commodities (Oil, drillers, gold, agricultural) because the tape doesn’t make as much sense to me but from time to time I will make a couple plays off big levels.

Feel free to send me an email to [email protected] with comments. Enjoy!


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