Free Webinar: From Good to Great with Steve Spencer

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Please join Steve Spencer for another webinar in his Good To Great series on August 3 at 4:30PM.

  1. Multi-Day Inflection Points
    • How to trade them
    • Why They Work
    • Works both during and in between earnings season
  2. A concept that receives little attention
    • Steve will discuss recent trading setups
    • There will be a Q&A following the presentation
    • Questions on this topic or suggestions for future GTG webinars can be sent to [email protected]
  3. Short term traders can earn a living just focusing on this specific technique
    • Good for day traders
    • Good for swing traders
  4. This knowledge will not make you a successful trader
    • Single greatest factor in your success will be developing practice routines
    • Video of Bella discussing elite performance:  “Turning 1 Day into 10”



13 Comments on “Free Webinar: From Good to Great with Steve Spencer”

  1. Steve, will this be recorded and archived for future playback?  Looks like a great webinar, but unfortunately, I’m not able to attend.  Thanks for all the effort you guys do to help the cause, it’s really appreciated.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been trying connecting to it for the past 10 minutes, looks like the server is overwhelmed or something 🙁

  3. Which really sucked after leaving the tennis courts promptly to be able to attend and sacrifice a few more sets with the heavy hitters.  Dang man!

  4. Very disappointed and frustrated, huge waste of time as I had no sound at all 5-10 minutes into the webinar. Very difficult if not impossible to follow the presentation with no sound. Very crappy infrastructure.

  5. I hope it was recorded as it seems a lot of people couldn’t get in or had difficulties.

  6. Truly sorry for everyone who had tech issues. We use what is suppose to be the best and most expensive technology from Cisco. It obviously didn’t work. I understand a lot of people gave up free time to participate and were hoping to interact during the session. I can tell you that I personally spent the weekend working on the presentation and was at the office until 11:00PM last night to make sure I had all the material just the way I wanted it.

    Everyone who registered for the event will get a link to a full recording of the session in the next few days. Also, everyone will be offered something additional from SMB as you are all valued members of the trading community (even the  guy below with the grumpy comment). 

    Good luck with your trading!!

  7. Usually your webinar tech goes perfectly smoothly….I’ve attended others of yours and they’ve been fine….I didn’t register for this one as I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend (as your poster above). If there is any chance you might post the webinar for those unable to attend, it would be greatly appreciated. SMB does good stuff, indeed!

  8. Hello Steve,


    Sorry about yesterday’s rant ; it was 11:30pm in
    France where I live when I posted that and it was frustration speaking. I was
    mad about Cisco’s Webex issues, not your presentation as I am sure you
    worked a lot on it. Hopefully you didn’t take it personally ; my sincere apologies
    if you did.



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